FitCoach app - how to create account?

hello everyone so here is the app which is called feed coach fitness coach and diet and then this app let's just try to install it and go through the app like see how it works um yeah all the details i never used it but i'll just try to screencast like how i install it so maybe it can be helpful for you so what it does it just creates this ready to use for week plan use workouts with recipes and then these plants tailored to your age all in one weight loss app healthy diets workouts fasting working lose weight build muscles train anywhere follow a healthier diet track your weight so you can see all of that workouts tools right smart training plans feasible results guided exercises the feed core chap is developed specifically for people who care about their house and want to slim down and get in shape but don't have enough time to go to the gym so you can set your goals weight loss muscle gain or to be more active select the zone you want to to work on belly buttocks legs arms back according to your goals and personal data our smart algorithm will suggest a personalized workout plan a combination of cardio strikes recovery and least working running cycling exercises that will enable you to maximize your results there is a library of thousand plus workouts so that's pretty interesting 15 000 plus rating 4.7 out of 5 average rating so 20 plus million users have chosen feedcoach let's get started see how it works [Music] continue then you just enter your name but let's see if you can really start this app you know if there is a free trial or something like that i'm not sure if yeah but maybe it's quite cheap as well so you can just do that and then let's see how that works then there is body mass index and then here is my personal workout plan but after that probably this app will ask me to upgrade so your personal workout plan muscle gain and then you can just start here start on beginner so you can start one month from 1999 or 12 months for 15.99 it's like built annually or three months 39.99 so you can try that and yes that's that's basically it yeah so that's the idea uh hope that is helpful um i don't yeah you then you need to subscribe there is no option to to select a free trial unfortunately or something i would really include like three days free trial for people just to try out and to start with their fitness goals and stuff like that but it's not the case here also there is no free option in this app that's also i think in many other fitness apps so yeah just there you have it hope it is helpful this overview was helpful for you and yeah we should get fitter in the new year

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