Fitness Coach: Home Workout - app overview

here's trending app which is called fitness coach home workout so i'll just type get on it and let's just use touch id to install it so there are so many like home fitness apps like fitness coaching apps but there are like very few high quality which can really really motivate you to you know to work out because for a lot of people yeah you just really need like this motivational push from someone uh so yeah like it's super hard to develop a good quality app in this niche so let's just go through maybe this is another app in this category it's in top charts in the us app store right now it also has boxing it has different duration workouts from beginner to advanced hundreds of healthy recipes track your activities uh choose your goal dozens of sessions hundreds of exercises choose your written follow evolution and progress so then you can just open up so what's your goal so stay fit so here you can choose your program ultimate fitness coach and then there is another program choose ultimate so gender man and then select your focus errors uh okay two times three times four times how many times i want to work out um so yeah it's let's see how many kilograms is that let's say something like this um so what's your activity level what's your boxing stance no it's also boxing and yeah so that's what i'm doing then i want to build my custom program let's see if you can do this without subscribing or you need to subscribe usually in a lot of apps you'll just need to do that okay so i'm right so yeah you really need to uh uh subscribe for 4.99 dollars per week three workouts per week work uh 25 minutes duration cal cal is burnt weekly yeah so yeah at least if you want that personal plan you can subscribe but otherwise you can still access this app and here's how it looks like you have this like daily session videos which you can enjoy daily goals you can connect health app on ios and iphone you can see activities then there are challenges uh workouts meals so you can just select and see all the meal plans for breakfast lunch and dinner so you can also see that then there is your profile you can see daily goals you can see energy balance like wait how many steps uh connect so that's about that so that's how it looks like uh yeah so that's the idea uh that's the app i'm just was looking for that you know how to change your data if you enter something incorrectly or you know like your weight or something like that okay so you can easily edit edit your data here so no worries uh so that's that uh here is your subscription you can always subscribe from here if you want to cancel the subscription i guess you need to do it through the settings app on ios so yeah just to deleting this app from your iphone won't help you need to cancel a subscription first but hey yeah if you want to invest in your house i think it's a good price very interesting intuitive design a lot of videos yeah just this app feels nice like you know it doesn't feel like a lot of people can see that it can be stressful it's all or you just like you just open the app see it and just leave it never open again maybe uh this is also this kind of app but it looks good and you if you have enough motivation give it a try i think it's one of the top like personal fitness coach apps right now uh so yeah give it a try at least uh if you have any results already or you're like using this app leave some comments below why you like it and all of that thank you for watching

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The Best Free Home Workouts Apps (No Equipment Required)
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