Fizz app - how to contact support?

so here is his app uh instead if you want to contact support here and or your school is not on the list so you can just tap here uh so that's basically it you you need to yeah you need to add your school email uh which is you know uh associated and has an add you extension and that email should be uh yeah uh accepted in the school so unfortunately that doesn't work um [Music] what you can do you can just reach out in for uh just write them an email like info ad fees or something like that so uh or yeah you can just go to the app store and every app basically has this option to um reach out to app support and you should just tap there and uh yeah it should work it doesn't anyways um so probably just create an account with your phone number and then if you still don't have access with your ad you email there will be an option to email them after you complete this step

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How to Contact GCash Hotline and Customer Service
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