Flare app - for groups - how to create an account?

hey everyone so here's interesting app which is called flare for groups so let's just tap on it to install it it starts to climb in the in the top charts in the US App Store as you can see here um yeah uh for lighter is the ultimate app for group communication and then yeah you can just see some key features here where you can organize events calendar group chats announcement wall attendance point system contact list ticket invise birthdays files illuminate details and all of that so yeah kind of of course like you know Facebook groups is one of the most popular features of Facebook app these days if anyone's still using it so yeah but this app is just uh specifically dedicated to creating groups and managing groups with your friends so here you have that and then yeah you can create an account with two ways sign in with Facebook or sign in with Google usually I also like when there is a sign in with uh with Apple so for example let's just try how it works uh and then yeah for example you can and then you just need to verify the code send to your number in this video I'm just using like a test account uh just to show the tutorial and then you can just confirm your code uh okay so it's it this only allows you to uh it pushes you to add recommendations and then yeah you can invite your friends you can see uh group chat as DMS so yeah here you can see host how to host private events and view them in a daily weekly monthly calendar format how do you even details how to see group chats and DMS how to create groups and all of that and then yeah you can just finish tutorial here so yeah I mean that that's basically the way how you can create an account in this app um hope that was helpful

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