Flex app - rent on your schedule - how to create an account?

here's interesting app which is called flex rent on your schedule so just let's just download it super interesting idea because rent for so many people is the main uh like source of spending money like spending your salary and income rent your way run pay your way with flags flag splits your rent into so you can pay on a schedule that works for you flex is focused on changing the world of bill payne by aligning your most important environments with your finances leaving your feeling confident in the way you choose to spend your money build better financial habits and finally start calling the shots on your bills so you can improve cash flow you can avoid late fees build your credit history transparent pricing that encryption protected so yeah easy to set up and use build your credit history avoid late fees so that's basically the app and here you can just open it up and then split your rent into and then to sign up you just need to enter your phone number this app only works in united states so you can always reach out to their help support and that's that

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