Flex app - rent on your schedule - what is it? Quick preview

here's interesting app flags rent on your schedule it's super interesting concept run pay your way with flags flag splits your end in two so you can buy a schedule that works for you flex empires members to pay rent on a schedule that works best for them for a monthly fee of 14.99 an additional payment process and fee of their not 0.75 percent of the rent payment amount so you can improve cash flow you can avoid late fees you can build your credit histories there is a transparent pricing data encryption protected so yeah that's basically the app and yeah so something around it so how it works you create your account you enter your phone number it only works in your ass so you can only enter your iphone number and then uh basically you receive a confirmation card enter your address and then you need to verify your address with some additional service so then you just do that and then after you verify that flex will connect and then you you will be more flexible to pay your rent because flex app has all these agreements with this rental properties in us only as i understand and if in your rental property has this agreement basically yeah then flags can basically manage this for you and make payments more flexible so that's basically the idea uh yeah i'm trying to sign up but i don't rent any property and yeah the app works like that so you need to be able to verify that so yeah i hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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