Flightradar24 - app overview

here is flight radar 24 app flight tracker app so let's just install it tap cat to install it's like it's uh the best apps to track flights around the world and of course there is a website it's available on the web so you know just track it on your phone and the purpose of this app is just it tracks all all the flights all the planes in the real time navigating so the world's best flight tracker app number one travel app in 150 countries turn your phone or ipad so there is also ipad app and there's apple watch app and so turn this devices into a live flight tracker and see planes around the world moving real time on detailed map or point your device at the plane to find out where it's going and what kind of aircraft it is the one for free today and discard why millions are already tracking flights uh so yeah you can watch aircraft move identify flies overhead see what the pilot of and craft sees in 3d tap on plan for flight details tap on airport icon for arrival on departure board search for individual flights using flight number airport or airline so yeah if you just know the flight number you can just enter it here and track it filter flies by airline aircraft altitude speed and more get detailed list of all flies in the air in your area um so yep and then there is there are two upgrade options if you want to upgrade silver and gold each comes with a free trial so silver it provides 90 days of flight history gold 365 days of flight history uh yeah so then you can just upgrade there yet guys i'm just waiting until this app is being downloaded it just takes some time and yeah disclaimers the use of this app is strictly limited to entertainment purposes this specifically exclude activities uh so yeah just for entertainment uh and then you can see 234 plus thousand ratings on about this app and four point eight out of five average rating so that's pretty impressive okay it just takes some time and then this is the world's most trusted flight tracker live flight information desired airport inbuilt camera flight view so that's basically how it looks like uh yeah anyways this is just like an overview because like seems it's just taking too much time for this app to download but anyways uh yeah let's let's just i will do another video full overview of this app so just check it out on my channel

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