FlipaClip - Create 2D animation - app overview

here is sleeper clip crate to the animation app it has all 100 000 ratings 4.6 average writing and it's in top charts and entertainment category so you can share videos and gifts you can use layers to animate you can add audio over 100 sound effects easy to use tools stop motion or other scoping new dark mode and up to sun x um accent colors you can learn to animate the fun way bring animations to life with the new and improved flippa clip perfect for pros and newcomers alike check out our new homepage animation tools and more and get inspired animate your dreams and bring them to life flip eclipse powerful and fun fun animation tools make frame by frame animation easy make amazing animation with the newly designed flipper clip track your projects with a beautiful new homepage and easy stack switch between light and dark mode discard new possibilities from flipper clip video creators anyhow let's just get into the app let's just open it up like super interesting to know like what in this app makes it collect hundred thousand plus reviews you can then just allow that so then you can just learn the basic of animation welcome and then you can just see how that's working with this app so where you can just you know draw that so basically i think they're just like different frames so this is one frame and then another frame oops something happened so yeah basically here you can add different layers and just create like animations like just like a gifs so this is the animation i created yeah it looks not that fun but um how should i okay so then i can just copy that no i don't want that i just want to have it oh so there you have it so now i just copied this one now i have eraser and i okay so something like that i mean then i can just add some like different stuff and basically it's very addicting very addicting app i think of course you can do some of this stuff in like photoshop or some other apps but this is actually pretty cool and then you can have all these project settings you can add images and then you can make movies add images use all of these effects and yeah i'm not paying for that so it's pretty cool right and then you just can discover like what people are able to do here it's like all these amazing tutorials and animatics and then there are some contests so yeah um something like that uh and then you can just create new project you can create new canvas you can select frames per second background and then you can just export that to youtube and all of that so yeah that's basically it so hope that can be helpful

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