Fontmaker app - how to use? Full overview

there so here is this font maker app so let's try to install it so just tap get and the size 20 megabytes you just need to confirm the touch id or face id and then the idea is that you can create your own font with handwriting and use it as a keyboard so there were already apps like that and where you can just select this keyboard and then just instead of boring normal font you just use your own letters so let's just open it up let's see how it works you can start free trial to if you want to send messages your phone share without watermark cancel any time so let's see how to install it super easy so open font banker settings go to keyboards enable font micro keyboard enable full access so let's just go there then in your settings app you need to search for font maker and then keyboard allow full access and then the thing is you need to create your own font so this is the long process i mean relatively long you need just to go through all the letters and yeah just create your own font like this so you'll need to go through lowercase letters uppercase letters and just just follow the instructions and just create like something like that and then yeah basically you will be able to use the keyboard so you need to do like lowercase letters uppercase and probably numbers as well um yeah you will need to finish all of it because otherwise it's the keyboard won't be available okay yeah so now you are done so no let no uppercase letters um yeah so let's just try with lowercase letters i will show you how to use this keyboard so there are also numbers and special characters but let's just try the font so this is my font which i created by this is my my keyboard and yeah i can change the background i can yeah so that's pretty cool right this is my own font and let's say i want to just enter something here so i just select font maker and then i can just copy that um yeah so i just need to copy and send it somehow and i think that the image will be sent so yeah i guess that's the idea of the app uh if you want to use it uh easier you you can just go premium [Music] so yeah what they say here you need to open a chat in messages and type message tab copy pass your messages input box and send okay so i think it only works in the messages app so here and you can send just copy so anyways so that's how it works hope it is helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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