Fonts Art app - how to use? Advanced overview

hey everyone so here is this trend in app fonts art fonts for iphone so let's just try to explore it so let's try to install it on iphone uh use your touch id to install it it's around 212 megabytes for pretty large app so you can use it either for instagram profile or for ios 14 home screen and it's like you can use like cool fonts and highlights to create like really outstanding bios and captions and really cool fonts so for example this is how you can customize your home screen using all these icons um create amazing stories come use amazing like uh rare fonts and the key features is that there is a keyboard so you can use hundred plus stylish fonts you can personalize home screen you can apply design instagram story templates um and then this app is also compatible with instagram facebook snapchat imessage i love that so let's just go through it it shouldn't be so complicated in case you just want to figure out how to use it let's just do it together um yeah feel free to leave comments and questions below either i other viewers will help you and then um yeah so here is how you can create an account okay with apple id i usually do it anyways because it's like super fast and then you see all this like all of that um you can also choose to select fonts pro so 70 fonts keyboard 30 plus insta story templates 240 app icons app customizations and all of that yeah so yeah first you need to enable this keyboard so let's try to do it together so you need to go to settings choose fonts are choose keyboards enable phone arts other full access come back so yeah now you'll be redirected to the settings app so from here just search for keyboards seeing this is the keyboards and like keyboards add new keyboard fonts art yeah i love full access something like that and then you are redirected again i'm just opening the app again yep keyboard is ready um and then it's just supposed to work with all apps then you have settings in top right and then yeah you can just press it so let's just try the notes app i just go here and then you can select all these fonts uh so for example if i want to use this cool font which i can just use for free or like this which is yeah which is really cool you can just go to instagram and use that but if you want to use something like this some another font you will need to upgrade here and then that's like a fonts pro free trial and then it's 21.99 per year so it's not that much if you're really obsessed with your instagram or snapchat or tick tock and yeah so let's try for example tick tock how that would work here so for example this is my profile like if i want just to add some buyer yeah so like you can add just these things and then yeah that's then it will just look like this for example on your tick tock or your instagram so that's amazing that's the idea of the app then there are all the seams so you can just download all these app icons for example if i select this i can just tap here and then i can say wallpaper i can say widgets and i can use icon maker to install for example if i want to change my like twitter icon then yeah i just need to do it for every icon so then i just need to tap here at the bottom of the screen and then i just need to add to the home screen here and then it will appear as a twitter and then yeah just follow the instructions it doesn't work that smoothly because still if you will have this cool twitter icon you tap on it and you will be kind of redirected to twitter app so it won't open natively so you'll have some kind of delay as i use some other apps like that so that's the idea and you just have all of these like apps here so yeah i think you can also customize and create your own icon which is also really amazing so super cool customization yeah then stories uh you can create new templates you can use it for your stories so for example if you try this um so yeah like some add in some additional text add in some stickers okay so there are some templates here and yeah you can just use that some of them are premium there are all these different categories which you can just try out and then there are highlights which you can also customize for yeah so you can design highlights for your stories in instagram for example so that's that basically a super cool app there are a bunch of apps in this category but i think this one of the top ones because it has so many features just collect it into one app and yeah it's like super nice um then if you want to um yes there are settings you can see what's new you can also add uh to your home screen um at the widget on ios 13 or 14 i guess you can contact support you can see just the tutorial how to change icon uh yeah so that's how it works you will need some to use shortcuts app but that's not complicated probably it's just easy for the first time but then it's just easy um so yeah that's the app um if you want to avoid ads again you just need to subscribe i hope that was helpful guys please subscribe to my channel for more videos overviews of some cool apps and some cool tech tutorials check out my website mrhack.iowa you can become a member either on my youtube channel or my website um yeah you can just support my channel by using the links in the description below and thank you so much                                                                                                      

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