Fonts Art app - how to add a keyboard on iPhone?

trying to create an account okay so let's just open it so here they just offer you to choose your plan uh if you want to go completely like uh 295 plus font keyboards insta story templates thousand insta covers and all of that so you can choose to do that um yeah so how to enable fonts art keyboard you just need to scroll down and in the keyboards um and then enable fonts art and then allow full access so okay let's just go to settings then i have fonzard i have keyboards and then i need to enable fonts art keyboard from here and then i love full access uh if you want to maybe you don't need to and then you just need to search for a keyboard and then keyboards here and then you just enable to already fonts hard keyboard so that's basically how it works yeah that's how you enable one's heart keyboard on iphone and then when you try to type something or you go to the website you can just tap and hold and then you will enable fonts art if you're on instagram or on tick tock then you will able to do that so hope that was helpful

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