Forex Trading School & Game App - how to create an account?

uh here is Forex Trading school and game app so how to create an account so it's pretty cool app actually uh yeah uh built by fitzer group uh and yeah it just gives you some idea around how to trade stocks and all of that some very basic knowledge but it's uh done in in a very nicely designed app and yeah you can really like like to learn more around it to create an account just tap on settings top left and then you can enable like you can choose different languages and then you can just sign in with Apple and then here you can just do it and then yeah that's your account super easy to sign in then you can just easily uh change your nickname if you want then you can decide to show your profile picture uh add your profile and yeah then you can just basically start with school and then um some you can see some tradings and all of that so yeah I guess it's not only about Forex however I don't I'm super beginner I don't know exactly what Forex is or like how it's different from uh stocks or crypto of course you've heard about crypto or stocks but you can just read all of these articles here which look like some just standard blocks but you can just read all of those and yeah that's the idea

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