FourPlay dating app - how to create an account?

here is interesting app which is called foreplay double dating so it's growing in charts and social networking and let's just install it and see how it works so the idea of the app is that you go on the dates in pairs so that's the whole app so it's enough for social singles for users team up with a single friend and a match with other pairs of singles is the more fun less awkward and the safer way to meet new people plus by matching with other duels you get to meet twice as many singles and half the time you are welcome so just create team profile screw scroll through and match matches other teams of single group chat join unlimited number of teams for free and then you can see some reviews that i absolutely love this app i'm so tired of single dating apps and dealing with people that only and then you can be worried uh to go out with a stranger alone just going through the most awkward date along with a stranger so yeah you can just experience that on tinder and all other major apps but this this dating app tries to solve the problem if you know uh you you can go out on a date okay so it's not available yet everywhere but you can join the waitlist i think it's only available in united states at this moment but that's uh okay at least i i think i brought your attention that there is this opportunity uh it's not like an awkward app it's it's uh kind of quite nice so imagine like you have your friend and he's or she is single and you're single and you just go together on a date to meet two other people which are also single so stuff like that and yeah so that's the idea and for introverts it can be a a bit easier option just than just going completely alone and stuff like that

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