FOX Sports app overview state football app

hello so um this is how to install fox sports app so just type cat and then you'll be able to install it on iphone you just touch id to install um yep and this is the app for state football um i think one of these apps um where you can follow your favorite teams you can keep up to date with highlights you can get updates stories live tv bonus camps course and all of that so let's just try to install the app and just see yeah like how it works and this is just some standard settings okay so here is the app basically uh you don't even need to create an account [Music] and you can just follow all the updates for state football all right yeah so here you can just follow all of that and then there is watch tab where you can also try to see that and then there are odds so yeah using foxbot so you can bet here and then for you your favorite teams your sports shows and all of that but yeah you can just follow all the updates and news and live streams here so yeah that's that's the app so just get it you don't need even to create an account or sign in with your tv provider seems like that and that you can just follow it follow all the updates if you have any other tips or any other related apps just leave it in the comments below                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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