FrankSpeech iOS app overview

here is app called frank speech and previously it was just a website but now they have also ios app so to install it on iphone just go to app store on iphone and search for this app it's in social networking category so this app is also available on on like on apple tv not only on ios so on apple tv you can and access all the tv shows podcasts and all of that um so yep the size is just 32 megabytes here is the preview um so here is the app basic i think it's very basic here you can just see all these streams uh like uh yeah live tv you can see videos you can see news you can see podcasts uh and that's basically it so it's just basically like a website but just organized uh as an app i don't know if there is like a social networking element here probably not probably is just more like a media streaming app where you can just see all these videos uh you see all news podcasts and you can also go to website so this app is not like parlor where you know you can create an account and like tweet and engage with the community in that area now is just like a media yeah so there you have but maybe it's just easier to watch all of that in the app but not going to the website for some people app is better so yep here is the app um there are some ratings uh so far great app [Music] um [Music] so yeah of course the views on this app are very like from one star to five star because it's more like a political app i'm not digging into that but uh yep so there you have it so either people like it or people hate it so that's uh you can see from the reviews here uh but there is definitely some like niche right now in this uh like uh communities of apps like parlor or you know like this app which are trying to compete with more established social media apps like twitter and facebook instagram so uh there you have it interesting to see so definitely give check it out if you're interested

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