Freeform app from Apple - quick preview

so what is Apple freeform app so this is the new app it was just released and it's been developed by Apple itself um yeah it's a great place to bring your ideas to life sketch out the project design a mood board or start a brainstorming session and flexible canvas that support almost any kind of file with iCloud all your bars stay in sync whether you're on your Mac your pad or your iPhone so yeah it's only not only iOS iPhone app it's also available on Mac iPad and so on you can add photos video audio documents PDF web link stickers and more anywhere on a free phone board perfect for creating a digital pin board use your finger or apple pencil and compatible iPad to draw anywhere on the canvas collaborate with others and all of that so here are some previews unfortunately it requires iOS 1612 or later so I can't show you all the details but basically this app is uh reminding me the shuffles app from Pinterest which went viral like a few months ago and yeah the idea is that you you can just create all these sketches and then you can work on these sketches with other people you can add collaborators and you then you can just do them together so you can ask like what's the point of it like there are so many apps which are doing exactly that like you can draw something in the notes app and yeah but I don't know like this sketch format is becoming super popular actually and if you go through their article uh yeah it's just designed for Creative brainstorming and collaboration so it's kind of it's more than Notes app for sure and it helps you to create much better designs much better overviews um you can better organize and Visually layout content on flexible canvas you can see share and collaborate all in one place without worrying about layouts or page sizes uh yeah you can add a wide range of files and produce them in lines that they were leaving the board so yeah it's super easy to just insert and cut out some objects and you can super quickly do that in this app so that's basically it freeform opens up endless possibilities for iPhone iPad and Mac users to visually collaborate uh canvas build for creativity with easy to use tools so here you can see that in collaboration space and then you can create this like really really amazing canvases and all these layouts which you can try out so yeah there are so many use cases for this kind of app you can use it at work like as like there are a lot of whiteboarding apps out there starting from Google apps or like to apps like Mira where you just want to draw something either in the development or in marketing in sales yeah so that that can be an interesting app to compete with those and also there is FaceTime and iCloud integration uh uh yeah so just give it a try uh freeform comes for free on every iPhone iPad and Mac supporting iOS 16.2 iPad OS 16.2 um Macos Ventura 13.1 so that's what you can try here um yeah so something like it um that's the app basically uh go give it a try it can be also like a social media app maybe like you know you uh you have your sketches and then you can share with your friends you can collaborate them with them but yeah I'm not sure about it yet but yeah unfortunately you need to have like the newest iPhone and iOS 16.2 to be able to find it and download it otherwise it just won't be available so here you can just try to download but yeah maybe it's just one open up so as you can see this application requires I have 16.2 or later yeah so you must update to a 16.2 in order to download and use this application so yeah but hope you got the idea definitely give it a try

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