Freeform app overview on Mac

hey everyone so here I'm just trying out this new freeform app uh this is how it looks like uh so I just starting out with this app and let's just see what you can do here so it just says get creative build your board add media files links text collaborate with others this is a new kind of default app which was built for new iOS 16 I guess but it's also available on the Mac and of course you can sync with your IOS app but you need to have IOS 16 to be plus to be able to install so here you can just type some text basically we can add some images you can add some sticky notes and then you can you have all these like drawings circles where you can just draw around stuff add images create folders and have this like bigger organized elements so there are notes and there are those elements and then you have these arrows like which you can resize and just play around with so yeah it's like a uh yeah Whiteboard app basically a native Whiteboard app for for the for the uh Apple devices so you you don't need to uh use you know some excality draw or some you know some like for some of these tasks like you can use figma or mirror or like there are a lot of apps and software in this category but now this is like there is an idea option on Mac and iOS and it's kind of like more enhanced uh Notes app just for drawing and yeah I actually like Notes app I don't know about you but yeah Notes app is pretty powerful you can easily quickly add all of these nodes just on your fingertips on iPhone on your desktop device you don't need to go to Google Drive find the recent document and stuff like that so it's like pretty easy so maybe this app will become something like that you just need to play around with it and these are the options it's not that many you know drawing things so it's just more for sketching so you can see all these like basic elements and then geometry objects animals nature food symbols education so you can just basically see all these elements and then yeah that's basically the process here um so yeah then it's easy to create new note then you can just share uh share existing node and then just invite collaborators so rename and then yeah just like that collaboration you can see all of these settings and then it added extensions so you can add it how to share it and then invite this link and then you can just invite other people to this board so yeah hope that is helpful

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