here is free spoke app let's explore what that is basically this is an alternative search engine to Google and Bing and Yahoo a lot of them okay it may sound ambitious but yeah this is just like one of those apps which is a bit on the right side from the right wing a conservative side in the United States and it's funded by former Republican National Community Finance chair Todd Ricketts uh he launched a free Spock and alternative to Google uh earlier this year like in 2022 I think that mobile app was launched around my 2022. he believes Americans have a duty to protect Free Speech when free speech is under attack our whole society is under attack Rick has told Fox News digital a few years ago as I was looking for things on searching on the internet I felt like I just wasn't getting results that I expected um so yeah that's basically the whole idea of the app and there are more and more apps in this category recently like parlor which is like similar to Twitter but but more on the right side there is Rumble um like yeah there are a bunch of other websites and uh apps because people are not like really trusting Twitter or Facebook Instagram mainstream social media these things are can be some algorithm censorship or something around it the father is a huge Niche for this a bit more conservative apps which climb to to have more neutral approach either to social media or to search engines and all of that so yeah in this video let's just go through the free spoke app explore how it works uh can it be helpful for you or is it really different because recently it starts to spike in the in the top search results and top app results in the US App Store uh this app believes that the first amendment is not negotiable uh it's time to declare information Independence on the internet search we imagine be free spoke is in independent search engine that lets you search for anything art display helps you compare viewpoints to find the truth faster without being tracked use free spoke as your search engine when you are looking to quickly understand the full story or scroll through the top 40 Trend in new stores below the search bar to get a feel for what's going on across the nation and the world you can click on the story headlines to get a quick summary and also see related stories so the research there is new source there are Trend in new stories and like trying to show standard articles which are not shown on other search engines or other social media apps articles stacked as standard highlight information of viewpoints suppressed by my stream media and include the latest victims of cancel culture and then there are best of web articles so this is just their description let's go through the app so here you can see how the app looks like you don't need to create an account at this point I think the account creation feature is coming later in the development process so it's it's not there yet so for example if we just search here so also you you instantly get popular searches I don't know how these searches are created and like what influences them but it's also important uh so here you can see some results so if I just send search for sand you can see some recommendations uh from the near places you can see uh some Twitter accounts uh you can see some Wikipedia links okay some definitions uh yeah uh okay let's search something neutral uh so again you just see Wikipedia uh and then you see a lot of result and it looks like Google actually yeah so then you can see some news then you can see some images uh image search was recently released here of course it sounds like wait is it like 2002 or something that seriously image searching but this is like a new search engine and they're just trying out all this feature or then there is find new section uh uh where you have all the recent news you can see what's hot and here they claim this needs to be completely neutral and to include some results which might be censored for example on Yahoo or Bing or Google then you have breaking news steal the link into Twitter then you have section which is called fanzard so that's kind of interesting section you can read here uh so that's basically you can see that then you have trending you then you see best of web trending trending that's I don't know what's the algorithm here how they select trending posts or what's it being included here maybe in the future it would be nice just to disclose completely this algorithm and make it open source and just so that users can clearly see what's what's going into the trending section and what's not so that I think is the future like decentralized web webstery maybe not but yeah of course then since seems It's like a bit right-wing app you have a lot of links from like conservative news outlets like Fox News but also you have like CNN and okay uh so there is some kind of balance here yeah then you can just browse through it actually a lot of people just using this app just for consuming news so that can be important section then you see free like free spoke HomeBase you can select how to use free spark it's an independent search engine that lets you search for anything our display helps you compare viewpoints to find the truth faster as I'm being tracked use Facebook as a search engine when you're looking to quickly understand the full story or Scrolls for the top 40 it's rather new stories uh speed load the search bar together feel for what's going on across the nation of the world so again the research new search trendy new story standard and best of the web that's what I've just shown you uh then you can see free spoke and then you can just read read this uh so yeah that's the idea um then if you want you can just reach out and get in touch reach out to our support team is free spoke app on on Android Google Play Store yes it is it's in the Google Play store so you can see that and yeah a world design looks very minimalistic very efficient it doesn't feel like you really need to explain a lot of things and all of that so that's basically just how it works uh yeah so that's uh what's going on here you can see some interesting guides I think the team is working hard to get new features within this apples and be able to discard American made and local Brands when you use a research to shop for products um instead of seeing big box stores like Amazon or Walmart first we'll highlight products from American and local makers and then soon they will release profiles you'll be able to create your own profile to become a true long-lasting Free Fall care you'll be able to save content and customize the search experience so that's that uh that's an overview I hope it was helpful

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