FreeSpoke search engine app - what is it? How to use?

here's interesting app which is called free spoke same search different results so let's just install it and yeah figure out how it works this app is going in the in the charts up in the charts recently and this app is a search engine that helps you find the truths faster we can write topics on things that matter to you we cover news from all viewpoints privacy is right not just a feature free spark free spark is the New Frontier for those people looking to search with America's founding principles with Innovation freedom and anti-censorship yeah we know you are capable of finding answers you just need a platform that shows you the full view so I think this app is part of this trend of uh apps a bit on the like conservative writing Spectrum for example like parlor Rumble um other apps and a lot of users in your ads are not really happy with Twitter or Facebook Instagram it's like my stream social media which I suggest is a bit like on the left wing is a bit biased and it's not neutral uh so there is a huge like uh bump in the apps which are which try to be a bit on the more on the right side as opposed to like Twitter which a bit left winning social but this is like the part of the bigger discussion um so yeah let's just explore if this app is really like neutral and that's what it aims to be so here you can add notifications uh stay tuned profile sign in coming soon so uh there you have it so for example how it works I can just search for like trees and this is how it looks like and then you will see some uh suggestion you can see all the results for three you can see some results like from Wikipedia some links to Twitter okay these are links to Twitter not to parlor or Rumble and then just like very uh like General results and then you also have news let's see some news like Guardian CNN BBC Russian daily miles so since it's not like um filtering out only right or left news outlets and then you have this kind of timeline uh yeah and then what's that free folk home base trying everything you need to meet us and make the most of your experience keep an eye on the coming soon section to be the first to know when your features are released so here you can just go to coming soon uh within this app you'll soon be able to discover American made in local Brands when you use our search to shop for products then you can see profiles and then you can just search for news specifically in the fine news section and then you can see it was hot so I don't know like what exactly is here in the new section uh like where they are taking this news so you should be also careful and quite skeptical uh so here you can see that a lot of people uh are using this approach just to figure out the news and there were a lot of other apps which are also trying to build like a completely neutral news because people believe that like CNN or MSNBC or Fox News or anything there are like too much biased in each Direction there is no like just like neutral news Outlet which just uh bringing you the facts and yeah so there you have it but yeah this is the app just find new Step search and then free Forks about team and and you can reach out to support uh how to use free spoke the research there is new search trending news stories uh articles tagged as centered highlight information or viewpoints suppressed by mainstream media uh and include the latest victims of cancel culture articles text Best of five people make you laugh out loud or smile warmly uh so that's that overall this is it um hope this overview was helpful

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