FRENZIE - make friends. Chat - app overview

so here is frenzy app uh frenzy make friends chat so let's just explore how it works um why people like it uh and yeah the whole idea of the app welcome to the wall of friends in brand new community that does not force relationships into a box friends is a perfect app to meet new people who enjoy the same passions and activities this app has a tailored made option to create a fun events made by other people to enjoy them together and yeah this is one of those apps like you know where you can chat with random people there are so many apps like that and you honestly you should be careful a lot of them are quite scammy they're not that high quality profiles there and all that stuff but some apps are quite good but it's really hard to make a really good app in this category it's still possible okay so it's it's crashes a bit maybe it just doesn't want to that i'm doing a screenshot on this app or something like that um okay let's just try to create an account so you can create an account facebook apple snapchat or with your phone for me the fastest way sometimes it's just with apple id because you use your touch id of icd and then you just proceed to the app then you can just enter some of your birthday uh add your identity and then you need to upload a photos so here it's uh so you need to enter okay this is just some test and then here you can just select what you like and then you can give access to uh your location and then that's basically that and then you are okay with starting using the app that's basically the process and then you see this so this app asks you to upgrade so you can see the option 4.99 per week so that's like 20 dollars plus per month or you can pay 29.99 per three months or 69.99 per year uh but let's just explore if there is at least some free version and also they want steel to get my okay um so seems like this app is just quite new so don't expect to see a lot of profiles just in your area probably you will see some people if you live like in us in some big city like new york l.a san francisco or something like that but here you won't be able to see that many people and chats right there but anyhow this is you will just be able to swipe similar as on tinder you can set up all these filters you can set up search distance uh if you want if you want local search okay then you need to upgrade okay get that then you can just apply the filter okay to apply the filter you also need to upgrade then there are chats you can chat with people you can explore then there are notifications uh there is this pop-up and seems there is a free trial it wasn't displayed on the pricing page but now if your eyebrows the app beats a reciproc file so that's just for you to know so try to use the app and then yeah here it is then there is a frenzy premium tap on your icon you can delete your account here if you are not secured about your data about your photos and stuff like that so here is the store [Music] you can get chat requests you can get buy reveals you can buy rewinds and then there is like a frenzy bundle which for 29.99 you can get that so this is separate to the subscription so you need to subscribe and if you want to have this additional feature you can also get them here and then there is verification uh to get verified this is what you need to do [Music] you need to do a selfie verification and then to do that verify your mobile number and selfie verification or instagram or facebook so two of these four steps you do and you get a verified profile you can change your profile picture and there you have it so that's the app so give it a try unfortunately yeah if you not in a big city you won't have a lot of matches that's the common issue is many new apps that's just what it is but hope this is helpful

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