Fresh EBT app - what happened to it? New Providers app

here's a new app called providers and formerly it was fresh EBT and what happened to it so providers is the name of the new mm approved fresh EBT app providers includes all the same features as fresh EBT plus a free debit account called provider's card providers is the only app that helps you manage benefits and dive it side by side so that's basically the differences and that's basically what happened to Fresh EBT app so no worries it's still the old fresh CPT app it's actually kind of looks great and you have a lot of features here you can see all of the benefits and updates you can see a lot of jobs and geese online grocery you can see coupons grocery hubs recipes a lot of offers from different apps discounts all of that you can link your EBT account uh and then yeah Additionally you can add this provider card I think you just need to reach out to their customer support around that so [Music] proprietor's card is completely separate from your EBT card uh and then there is of course some fees and then you can just apply for that card here through the support section I guess and provider cart is just a normal debit card that you can use for everyday shopping build science online transactions is more just basically from this app so yep there you have it you can always tap to contact support in the bottom and just ask I don't know there is no button to get like a provider card I think first you just need to connect your apte account and then proceed from there but yeah here is the app you just have all of these different discounts uh uh collected in in this app and then you can see all of the you know links and services how it can help you out and that's just an idea

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