Friendly Social Browser - app preview

hello everyone so here is this app called friendly social browser it's in the top charts in u.s app store so you can see this app so let's just use touch id or face id to install it and then you can see that basically the idea is that you can use facebook messenger instagram in one app to rule them all fast simple and secure facebook uh cyber post any photo facebook or instagram switch between multiple accounts make it your own home feed options passcode log custom callers notifications ad blocker all of that so fees friendly you only need one app for all your social needs access your facebook messenger instagram twitter link in reddit and other social accounts in one powerful browser app so one app for all your social accounts save space on your device preserve your battery save data usage easily switch between multiple accounts like take control of your privacy easily download to repost any of your photos or videos colorful themes night mode adjust font size so interesting browser app it has 80 000 plus ratings for six out of five average rating so let's just open it up and let's see how to create an account how to get started so select your favorite social sites frankie friendly will create browser profiles for each size to protect your data and privacy so here you can select facebook twitter instagram linkedin tick tock youtube next door pinterest reddit so something like that so okay let's just do these three ones um so here you can just browse facebook teacher instagram guest or ad pick a color you can pick your favorite color okay set up four digit passcode to secure access to this profile so you can use passcode lock you can use touch id and then basically this is facebook so okay i will just search for facebook and try to log in here and then you just log into facebook basically but probably your login code yeah we'll arrive a bit later and then you just have this so we can try with twitter as well and then here i guess you just need to log into with twitter and if you have an account you also can just sign in so that's that or you can just sign in with instagram and that's basically one browser for all of that of course you are not using twitter app or facebook app but you just using the like web versions of these apps in one pro in one app which is pretty cool and which is like super light super fast and yep so hope that is helpful i will create a full overview when i just log into all these different accounts to yep to do a like full recap of this app

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