hello everyone so i just tried this trick so i'm opening locket widget app and i'm on the 4g so i'm not on wi-fi and when when i try to go to my friends my friends just literally disappear and it says you can add up to 10 people so what's happening and i just and after a while when i just waited a bit my friend slowed it so if you have this situation when your friends just literally disappeared and you see that you can add 10 more people um yeah basically it means that you just need to write a bit because this app can be a bit laggy so just wait uh sometimes i needed to wait like you know 10 20 seconds and i was just switching around back to the app back to the front screen and only then friends appeared and i couldn't i wasn't able to send a locket picture because it told me like hey add friends first so that's that's just an overview if you find it helpful there you have it

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