Frisky Live Video Chat APP OVERVIEW

hello everyone so here is this new trending app which is called freeski live video chat so let's just install it so just tap cat and then use your touch idea if i said it uninstall so recently this app is constantly in the top 100 social media apps in the us app store so this is an app about making change in your life having some live chat interacting with people from different countries and there are a bunch of apps like that there is monkey app there is a manual chat there are like a bunch of chat roulette apps but seems this app is just [Music] it has some differences which makes it stand out so let's just try to create an account here uh so what are you looking for relationship network new friends are fun education status your character it's your gender and then enter your name here to native language and there you have it so you don't even need basically to enter your email address or something and you need still to give access to your camera and give access to your microphone you need to give notifications but there you have it hello guys and then basically here's your profile and yeah that's about it then you can just select uh what uh what you want to which gender you want to chat with if it costs coins so of course that's the way this app is monetizing um so buy coins in order to have longer conversations and to send gifts so i think just because i created an account i have 280 coins right now but let's just tap to start and i just getting free coins here so i can so this is how the it looks like there are like different profiles and then you can just start a chat uh so yeah and then if i don't want to i can just skip so that's that then you have messages you can start the conversation you can see a call history uh yeah so i don't think that the app is exactly has exact filters um and then i can purchase more coins here so i can purchase like 600 500 coins for 6500 for 59. and then i can just change my profile picture in settings blocked users edit my profile there are some profile rules profile pictures i can copy my id and change the profile picture so that's about it that's that's the app you don't even need to have an email or a phone number or anything so just straight to the talking so that's why i think this app is actually quite popular because um it doesn't have all this like friction to create an account you can just go right ahead create an account uh and yeah there you have it so that's how it works um hope it is helpful um that's just a quick preview uh if you enjoyed this app just leave some comments below interesting to see your opinions thank you for watching see you in the next videos                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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