FTX.com error - currently unable to process withdrawals, we strongly advise against depositing

so here's ftx.com website and it's a bit crazy yeah it just says FTX is currently unable to process withdrawals we strongly advise against depositing also on Twitter you see that ftx.com page wasn't accessible for a while you started something went wrong while processing your request so you are strongly advised you just here not to deposit anything there um yeah this video is not like a financial advice or anything I'm just like commenting some of the news that here yeah you can see ft Excel some fried says without more Capital bankruptcy is likely uh yeah FTX is seeking emergency fund into missed withdrawal requests saying has a shortfall of 8 billion per Wall Street Journal and then binance refused to uh binance refused to uh to take over the FTX uh so that's basically it um um so yeah I don't know how it will happen sorry for just scrolling my Twitter feed but yeah it's super crazy like nobody will know like what what will happen to it uh yeah Justin FTX it comes to spans all onboarding of new clients and warns users again depositing uh uh so that's basically that uh yeah I don't know what how it will develop because the Hope was that binance will buy it and finance health is financing all of that but seems It's not no longer the case so yeah it's just like let's see how it might develop and like what can be the the process so I'm just sharing it here

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