Furniture Mod for Minecraft - app overview

here's interesting app called furniture mod for minecraft um so you can build room of your dreams uh in minecraft using this app so there you have it you can see the biggest collection of unique furniture customize your house with new items all furniture mods you need in one app best decoration packs for your game uh it's a huge collage this app is a huge collection of unique furniture with which you can furnish any room living room bedroom kitchen and others download and get access to different baths offers chairs wardrobes and other interior items create unique interiors and come up with new designs feel free to use your imagination and come up with delightful mansion environments transform your home into dream home that you haven't had before so as you can see all the stuff here however it just has uh just a very low rating he says this game is the worst we had to buy it and it was disappointing so let's see let's just open it up see what the disappointment was about or uh i'm not sure if this it says you need to upgrade so three days free and then 5.99 per week so that's pretty expensive that's not per month that's per week unfortunately okay i won't be upgrading uh this app has some like weird reviews uh so some people i thought we didn't have to pay with it when i opened up and we were on the next level i was really had to pay for it which is too i'm disappointed i don't recommend this app uh hmm so a lot of people are just like disappointed six dollars a week uh so there you have it why is some people selling waste of money so anyways if you did buy and you enjoyed it just please leave it in the comments like why do you think this is worth six dollars per month like uh what do you think is amazing this app i think the idea is neat but probably they just need to change like monetization model just to yeah other than that hope it is helpful

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