GA4 corrects number of views/events after some time…

I recently came across an interesting observation regarding the new Google Analytics 4 property. It appears that this updated version corrects the number of views or events after a certain period of time. This behavior is quite peculiar when compared to the traditional Universal Google Analytics.

If you're monitoring the number of visits to your app or website, you might notice that the count of views is initially inflated when you check it around midnight. However, after a few hours, the number is adjusted to a lower value. This correction is quite unusual, and I would love to hear from those who have more experience with this new version to shed some light on this.

Another peculiar aspect is observed when you want to review the number of views for the previous day. If you check it right when the new day starts, say around 1 a.m., you will notice that the number appears to be significantly low. For instance, if you have a total of 10,000 views to your app, it might initially show as 5,000 views. However, as time passes, the count might increase to 15,000 before being adjusted back to 10,000 again.

This correction process occurs multiple times throughout the day, which distinguishes it from the behavior observed in Universal Google Analytics. It would be interesting to find out if others have noticed this and how they explain it. I encourage you to leave your thoughts in the comments section so that more viewers can discover and discuss this phenomenon.

In conclusion, the new Google Analytics 4 property seems to introduce corrections to the number of views or events over time, which deviates from the conventional behavior of Universal Google Analytics. As this is my personal observation, I'm keen to gather more insights from those who have delved deeper into this topic.

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