GamerLink LFG - full app overview

so here's gamer link app let's try to install it on iphone the size is just 47 megabytes let's see so just use your touch id to install and then yep let's see how it works so 2080 plus games uh like 280 plus supported team up is the best so you can find people message teammates gamers profile find casual and competitive gamers gamer link is your destination for lpg find friends and the best teammates looking for group for gamers uh our number one lpg app has been refined over five years to find you only best like-minded gamers and teammates to build out your friends list find games who have a mic and strategize with your teammates and friend to make cleaning much easier so this is the app basically if you want to build a team for some game and you really want to find for example some experienced gamers or some beginner teams or any level you like this is the app to go um so let's just create an account and then i need to continue with apple and then i just sign in here so let's see how that works how did you hear about uh social media it's like an option okay this is not social media um so you can enable push notifications or not and that's it now you can just add a game choose your preferred platforms for fortnite and then you can just confirm and play we made the app faster brought back lfg hobby server allows another gamer link premium so you can enable or disable push notifications again no i don't like it so that's basically the app here that's how it looks like gamer link so there are different lobbies you can see 39 active members for example here then you're just joining lobby which is i think just like a chat here you can message you can send gifs you can mute chat you can leave that so here the chat is about fortnite you can copy a link or attach some files um so then i can just go back um yeah i can join that lobby or go to luby lobby and then you can just find all the people who are looking to games to play fortnite and then i can also create uh my own lobby i can select choose game modes quads i can select region choose rank um and then i just can it's like a description it says fortnite because i selected fortnite um i can set the description and then i can just post that's about it so now this is my lobby which i created there are featured players here and then that's basically i created my lobby and i'm looking for people who want to play fortnite so that's actually pretty cool i can also edit it or can delete it and that's much easier than going somewhere like you know messaging your friends on facebook instagram somewhere i do have a time to play not all the time like your friends have time to play actually or all of that so instead of doing that just go here create a lobby and this is the way to find other players then in the bottom you will see how many people are active in lobby you can tap on three dots also there are some settings here for your profiles you can delete account you can see connected accounts you can connect your xbox psn steam and other accounts then you can manage premium 39 35.99 per year or three dollars per month 4.99 per month support the development of gamer link we need to find out burritos somehow stand out with an epic avatar border connect with more gamer faster add free experience so that's that and then there is a chat here messages which is just a collection of all the lobbies so then you can just tap here and then leave that lobby if you are not interested so go back and then this should basically disappear from and then you can also leave that and then just delete that chat room so there it is and then you just need to refresh you can also read your archived messages in case you forgot something or you want to check out something so very like elegant understandable app easy to use there is nothing you don't need just like a chat and just the app to create these groups and find other gamers and yeah just just play with them so that's about it you can edit your profile you can change your profile picture select date your bio and then just update so that's how it works again you can just browse through all their different lobbies um this means that people are also using microphone and there is like an audio chat there you can see active members and all of that of course this app is not only for fortnite you can add another game like this is the game supported gta minecraft league of legends nba 2k so a bunch of games apex legends i don't know if these are the all apps which are available here or there are some others so let's just search for the game okay so there are also a bunch of other games which are just uh not highlighted so these are just recommended featured games but there are much more in case you're interested like hey i just like all games available here so that's the idea um that's the app i think super super made app and great idea what else i need to add it here you have reached your limit for creating and bumping rfg posts 11 minute cooldown remaining so okay if i'm on a free account i also can just constantly create different posts so for that i need to to upgrade and again if i want to upgrade fight free experience and with epic avatar that's like 36 dollars per year or 4.99 per month so that's the idea does it have hope it was helpful um thank you for watching i also run the website where you can check out some interesting apps and software so definitely go check out my website and see you in the next videos

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