Gaper dating app - how to create account?

here is this interesting app called caper edge gap dating and meetup so that's interesting app uh for sure um so you can just search thousand on profiles chat with new local friends browse personal ads nearby and then just you know a live video chat with like-minded people caper dating app is the best alternative craigslist personnel's afro-age gap relationship this and edge kept dating a social networking app specifically designed for older man dating younger women and older women women dating younger men gaber helps you find your perfect day without having to worry about age becoming an issue boss man and woman can get what they want from age gap relationship discourage their confidence happiness and romance they have always dreamed about so in case this is something you are interested in so here you can just create an account so for example let's just do that just for this demo so then you can just allow your location you can give your url nickname and then just agree to the terms of service and then please choose state uh okay so you need to to also choose like your precise location and then choose your gender so something like that and then you just need to add your photo so then you can just verify your profile and that's basically uh so here you can have like people who are alive or people who you can meet so that's basically how it works um yep just this app has this focus on the edge gap meetings edge cap datings so yeah something like that

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