GAS app doesn’t send a confirmation code, can’t create an account

so here is guys app and uh uh I'm just trying to create an account but I want to send you an ish to show you an issue that this app for some reason is not not sending a code here so if I tap it's just says sorry we only allow mobile phone numbers and a lot of users actually report this that this app for some reason is not is not sending a confirmation code and a lot of high schoolers or users who want to create an account here just can't do it because yeah it's just it's not creating an account um so yeah I don't know what's the issue is that probably because this app is only working in United States and only in specific states of U.S only specific schools is slowly rolling out uh out of batter um so yeah that's basically that um so I don't know what to add maybe it's just in the early stages of development so they are really limiting all the users all the international users obviously uh you only need to be in your ass in specific State and you should be able to join a specific school you're only going to uh so does that

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