GAS APP doesn’t work - bugs, can’t create an account

hello so one I'm trying to create an account in guys app so let's try to do it I can't actually do that um so if I enable location and then I just try to search for the it says unsupported country sorry the app is not available in your country if you're using VPN turn it off and try again um so that's one of the issues other issue is that even if you try to create an account and you find your school and you're in one of those states where it's available I can't get a confirmation code for my mobile so I enter my mobile phone number and then I just can't log in because I can't get the confirmation code so that's that's what it is right now um you can always reach out to their support but yeah unfortunately maybe there are some bugs or stuff like that because this app is really going viral in high schools so if I search for it you can just see it but it's it's been rolled out in in a few States one by one it's on the viable worldwide but yeah that's basically it um if you have any other suggestions why you can't create an account just leave some comments below

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