GAS APP - find your crush - quick overview

This post is a quick preview of Gas app just for you to understand what the hype is about.

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Gas app is constantly in top 10 in social networking on the App Store.

This app is basically an anonymous trivia app where you can create polls with your classmates in high school, in specific school, and then you can answer questions anonymously for these polls, like, who do you secretly admire? Some poll created by the girl in 10th grade.

You can get in your inbox some notifications if someone voted for you, but you don't know who voted for you and who liked you. You just will see some hints like some boy from 10th grade or some girl from 11th grade.

What is crush alert on Gas?

For 300 coins in the Gas app you can buy an option to appear in your Crush's polls.

By the way, it is not possible to buy coins - you can only get coins by answering more polls.

Crush alert is a feature available with a God mode - paid subscription to Gas app - $6.99 per week. With a Crush alert feature you will be notified when someone adds themselves to your polls. In other words, someone paid 300 coins to appear in your polls and then you get notified.

However, what happens if that person also has a God mode? Will they stay anonymous? Or you will be able to see them.

How to put your name in your crush's poll on Gas app?

Go to your profile.

Tap on Coins.

You will need 300 coins to put yourself in someone else's poll.

How to get more coins in Gas?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase coins - you can only get coins by answering more polls.

For example, by answering one poll, you get 1 coin. If you are on a God mode - you will get 2x for every poll answer.

So, to get 300 coins you will need to answer 300 polls. And also, there is a waiting queue for 30 minutes between every 12 polls.

How to unhide people on Gas?

You need to upgrade to a God mode.

  • Go to your flames inbox.
  • Reveal a flame - you will see only general info - grade and gender. For example, 10th grade, girl.
  • Tap "See who sent this" - here you can upgrade to a God mode.

After upgrading, there are two options to unhide people - hints or reveal.

  • Hints allow you to see a first letter from person's first name. With a God mode, you have unlimited hints.
  • With Reveal - you can completely reveal someone. There are only 2 reveals per week in God mode.

What does it mean when someone picks you on Gas app?

It means that you were picked in a poll among 4 people.

There are different questions in the polls and there are always only 4 people to choose from - usually your classmates or their friends.

For example, poll questions can be: "Who is the best in football?", "Who is the funniest?", "Who would you hang out with?" and so on.

If someone picks you in Gas, it means someone voted for you in that specific poll.

Polls are not always romantic, if someone picks you it doesn't mean that they have a crush on you.

Can only friends vote for you on Gas?

Yes, only your friends can vote for you in Gas app polls.

And vice versa you can only vote for your friends.

To add friends, swipe to the left.

You can add friends from your school or friends of friends or invite people. Then your friend request needs to be accepted.

How to join a school in Gas app?

Join your school, add friends, answer polls, and get flames when picked. This app only works with selected number of schools at the moment in selected states like Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan. It's not working worldwide or Europe, Canada, Australia, and so on. Hopefully, it will be there in the future.

Okay, so let's just open it up. This is how the process looks like. You need to enter your age. You need to enable location. Then you can select grade. This app is only available from age of 13, and you need to be in Grade 9, 10, 11, or 12. Then you just need to search for your school.

As you can see, there are all schools in this state in the list, but the majority of the schools still have zero members, unfortunately. If you're in one of those schools, unfortunately, you can't use the app at the moment. You need to have at least one member. Then there are some schools where you have a lot of members already where this app is actually being used quite a lot.

Then for some reason, I can't create an account. That's what it is at this moment. But hopefully, it will be fixed soon. It's also an issue for a lot of other users, and this app is just not released everywhere. I think it's just been tested and they just want to avoid all this server issues and all of that. State by state, it will be available everywhere. Yeah, so you can add your school.

One other question is like, is it available on Android? No, it's only on iOS. It's not possible to know when it will be on Android.

Yeah, just going through some support section, because sorry, I don't have this app available yet for me. I will try to get it up soon and create a full tutorial. This app was made by pretty famous founders who released other apps in this category. Yeah, that's basically that.

The main rumor about this app is that it's not safe. There are a lot of Snapchat screenshots where people see that, teenagers see that, and they think this app is not safe. I can't confirm or deny that it's safe or not. What you can tell from the beginning is that it is being developed by pretty famous founders and well-known team in Silicon Valley. It's not some weird app who doesn't know who is being built by or some weird company or something like that. They are putting their reputation on this app. Yeah, that's that.

Gas is designed to be a safe place to interact with friends. Users can only interact through polls and only with people they have accepted as a friend. Unlike apps like Snapchat or Instagram, we do not support messaging between users. So there is no messaging functionality. Yeah, that's it.

Also, if you enable location, you can always disable location access in the settings. Location is only 20 kilometers in radius about you. It's not precise. So that's about that.

But apart from that, you can add your friends here. If you want to see who answered a poll about you, it's not possible, it's just anonymous. But for some users, there is a God Mode which is a premium plan where you can actually upgrade and you can see some hints. You can, for example, see first letter of someone who voted for you, or if someone voted for you twice, then you just get a full name of someone. That's pretty cool. That's different from NGL or from Sendit or from other apps where you never can actually see exact name of someone who voted it for you.

Yeah, then this God mode also you can see crash alerts, get notified when someone add themselves to your polls. You can see double coins, anonymous mode. To get God Mode, you just need to tap button, See Who Likes You. So that's about it.

Also in the app, you can give access obviously to your contacts to find your friends. You can remove your friend, you can hide or block, just everything as in other social media app. Also in this app, your account sometimes can be removed, because if you add in your contacts and none of them is studying in the same school as you, is suspicious for this app and then your account can be removed. That's a pretty cool feature because it enables more security for you.

Are real names required? Don't use fake names, don't create multiple accounts. There are all these FAQs about what to do if you're not feeling safe.

Also, if you're still unsure about this app, you can easily delete your account, which is another good sign from the app developer that, yeah, without contacting support, you can just easily delete your account and personal data. Just go to Edit Profile, tap Edit Profile. Under Account Settings, tap Manage Account. When you deactivate your account, your friends won't be able to find or vote on you. After 24 hours, your account will not be recoverable. If you'd like to reactivate your account before it happens, just log in with your phone number.

So that's basically it. You can join with your school, and then you can change your school if you did a mistake. Also, you can change your name and you can change your grade. You can only do that once.

That's basically it. You can access Gas app from 13 year old plus because these are just some general policies.

Yeah, so these are just some basic features. Also, there are coins. Coins are earned by answering polls about your friends. If you're answering a lot of these polls, you can get coins. Then you can use coins to put your name in your friends' or crush's polls so they can vote on you more.

Flames are sent to you when you are selected in the poll. Flame is pink when a girl picks you, blue when a boy picks you, and purple when a non-binary person picks you. The polls you've been selected for the most show up on your profile under Top Flames.

Also, in these anonymous apps, a lot of times, the messages aren't real. They're just bot generated, some of them at least. For example, in NGL app, a lot of messages they confirmed were basically sent by bots because people didn't get any messages and they were leaving the app. Obviously, you just send AI bot message. People even can upgrade to figure out that this was a bot message, not their classmate.

In this app, they claim that messages are real, and every single poll you receive is sent by your friends, classmates, or contacts. We will never auto-generate messages. That's it.

If you want to add friends, you can add friends in four different ways. Just your phone contacts, your friends-or-friends, school, or searching for a username. Here, obviously you can always disable your phone contacts, but then you just need to search for username. So that's that.

Unfortunately again, this app is not available for Android. It's not available in the whole country, the whole United States, only in separate states.

Hope that is helpful and thank you for checking out this blog. Hopefully, I will be able to create a much proper overview, but as this app is super early, I don't have full access yet. Maybe I want to have some test account or something like that just to show you functionality and how it works.


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