GAS APP - HIDDEN TIPS & TRICKS you should know

hey everyone in this video we're gonna go through some hidden tips and tricks about Gaza what I was able to discover about this app uh to to share with you might be your experience will become better maybe you will understand it more uh so basically here is uh yeah here is the guys app um yeah I'm currently not in your ass but uh yeah just here's how it works so you can create an account uh if you're about 12 years old so starting from 13 years old you can create an account that's minimum age requirement if you're less than that you won't be able to create an account but then there is no more like age requirement about that I guess as long as you still studying in high school for some reason or another I don't know how it works like in us maybe yeah maybe you're like a 30 of you can still study some course in high school or whatever but yeah here it is and then you can just tap get started so you need to be at least in grade nine nine ten eleven twelve uh to start using this app yeah if you are not in high school not gonna work at this moment there's no option to use this app also if you finish High School also not gonna work uh you won't be able to use this app so basically just select a specific grade you just search for school you want to attend uh here you will see the list of schools available as you can see some schools have like 443 members other schools have like 33 members some schools have zero so here you can see the list of all schools in specific States SO gas app is not yet available in all states and is only available in United States so in case you live in Canada Australia or Europe yeah it just won't work for you yet and you need to be studying in one of those schools also some users report that some schools are not available maybe your school is not available yet so you can go and reach out help at guest and then yeah just add your school there um uh try to reach out to them but but they just getting all the schools from like from some public list and then just your task is to have like a lot of members in that school so for example yeah let's just select the school and then you can try to create an account but yeah okay some reasons uh there are a lot of glitches still like uh you can't create an account for some reason you can only create an account if you're in your ads some it says like it's not a real phone number but but it is maybe real so yeah some people don't get confirmation code and all of that but basically you just create an account and then you just join is your school and that's it uh but what like about some hidden things uh yeah so first yeah also it's not available on Android and Google Play store so just don't look for that yet it's it's not there yet it's not available signing up and your contacts nobody is studying in that school or something like that there is a upward possibility that you will be kicked out or from that school um so yeah so to add friends you can just use from your phone contacts you will be displayed Friends of Friends by school by searching for username and that's that the whole point is uh to see who answered a call about me so I guess you have an idea already about how gas app works but just in case you don't so this is basically Anonymous polling app so you sign up is your school uh and then you can create polls so you can answer polls about your classmates like uh yeah I just wanted to show the example of the poll so yeah something like that their smile makes my heart melt and then basically you will see your classmates um here and then uh then you will if someone votes for you you will get a thing called Flames uh so if someone picks you you will get these Flames um and yeah then after that you will see these flames and then you will be able to see who likes you uh but it's not that easy as well so what are Flames Flames are sent to you when you're selected in the poll and they have different colors the flame is pink when a girl picks you blue when the boys picks you and purple when a non-binary person picks you uh so this is like for example here you received like uh uh uh flying from the boy for example from the boy in 11th grade so if there is a flame you will see great and gender like from a girl in 10th Grade so yeah as you just seen for example if your school only has 33 members and you you know you can already pretty quickly identified who answered the ball about you um because yeah if you there are like three girls in 10th Grade or something or like you know you know exactly who is using gas app uh so you can use that until of course like all your classes signing up to this app when it becomes viral in your school then it will be harder to identify um so that's basically it um so yeah these are uh uh friends and Flames uh then you can also get coins coin can be used to put your name in France or your garage Paul so they can vote in you more so you can go to your profile and tap shop and shop for the coins um so does that uh yeah it's a good idea actually to appear in more polls uh because the the more you appear in pause the more people can vote for you and then if someone is voting for you many times it's easier to identify who voted for you uh so so that's the now the the coolest part like the code model that's the this how you identify who wrote it for you who has a crush on you uh it's like a subscription that unlocks the the features of unlimited hints so you can see the first letter of someone who wrote it for you you can see two bonus reveals see the full name of sound wattage for you twice double coins crash alerts get notified when someone asks themselves to your post Anonymous mode Santa Paul's 100 anonymously as well so yeah here is the feature which is called two bonus reveals you can see the full name of someone who voted for you twice so that's what that what I was talking before like if you appear in polls many times there is a possibility that someone will just vote for you like a few to two times and then if you can if you have got mode then actually you can quickly see the name uh the full name otherwise you will just see hints and then you will see the first letter of someone who voted for you um yeah so yeah god mode isn't free so you can upgrade to God mode but uh it's not rolled out to everyone so you are lucky if you have it if not that's it you just need to wait I don't know for which period to make it available for you god mode is 100 private guys doesn't show which you will have god mode um so yeah so there are some issues like you can remove friends if you can't find your friends uh but yeah maybe you can enable contacts or just again search for your friends uh by school by searching for username um uh so yeah uh location like a lot of people have concerns about these apps there was even like some Hawks on Snapchat telling that this app is not safe at all and it's also in many reviews on their app store you can see this but seems at the moment that this is more like a hog spread but no I don't know by who the app so far looks legit but I can't guarantee anything of course you need to do your own research but it's a well-known Founders who created this app um so I don't know yet so but the location is only used to to find schools nearby when I was just trying to create an account so to find schools near you that's that this part is only used uh when you're enabling location access so that's that uh and then yeah you can just disable location you don't need it uh so yeah don't use fake names then create multiple accounts don't impersonate or sign up as a friend you might be banned from the app you can report the user as well uh so you need to use your own phone number you can log out you can go to manage account and delete your account if you're not sure so yeah if you're doing some like bad stuff if you're impersonating other people or if you're not studying in some school and you join that school you might be removed from the school yeah so this app is actually pretty advanced and yeah so far they claim that they don't use what accounts they don't send fake messages as is often the case on this all these anonymous apps so they just don't do that um here uh yeah you can also check that you can change your school grade or name once per account so also just be super careful when you're changing your name if you just had fun and then changed it it's that's it it's not possible to change back it this app doesn't ask for your ID or like verification to make sure that this is your real name nothing like that but yeah uh you can only change it once and this time is your school only once uh so again to add your school you can reach out how at Guest app.0 so that's that uh yeah so there you have it hopefully some of the tips uh were helpful uh it's just an overview this app will develop a lot I hope it will add in a lot new features which will be available in many more Styles probably also outside of us uh maybe they will add something more so interesting to see how that will work and all the all the features all the development and all of that yes I hope uh that can be helpful and uh yeah that's that's what I have to say unfortunately I don't have access yet yeah because yeah this app is actually pretty good like I'm outside us right now and yeah so you can't access it um so that's that uh hope uh hope it can be helpful uh thank you for watching

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