GAS app - put your name on three random polls - what does it mean?

so I'm just exploring guys app here it's a new viral apps there are so many new features you want to know what exactly they mean and one of my viewers just posted this comment that like there is this feature that you need to put your name on three random polls so what exactly it means uh yeah and there are this common got like five likes uh like and then yes here is the supply which might be helpful for you so it means three of random people pause so what it means so basically gas app just has all these collections of anonymous polls and yeah if you want to be included in more of these balls you can just include your name in more of these three random polls there so that's that's what you can try to do and uh yeah so that's basically the idea um yes or something around it so it meaning if you want to get more Flames get more likes you just need to be in more balls so people can vote for you so that's that's the way to do it

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