GAS APP - see who likes you - FULL OVERVIEW

in this quick video we're gonna go through what is gas app why is it going through the top charts uh right now as you can see in the United States it's just below be real I'm on Facebook Messenger telegram uh Discord like I'm on top apps and yeah um so this app was developed by like famous uh like app developers such as Nikita beer and a few other co-founders behind Paparazzi app behind NGL apps like basically top apps these days which are really like uh social media apps which are hitting top charts in the United States so it's super interesting project also the the guy who developed it Nikita he also saw his previous app to Facebook and now this is his new project as I understand so this is super exciting um here uh unfortunately the app is not available all around the world it's just slowly rolled announced state by state so it's also not available in in United States as well it's just similar to early days of Facebook and they just rolling out state by state like Pennsylvania Illinois Wisconsin Missouri Indiana Ohio Michigan that's where it's available if you're if you are not studying in school in these states probably unfortunately you won't be able to use it now so does that but basically this is like a Anonymous trivia uh trivia game and you just get these three questions like who do you secretly Admire from a girl in 10th Grade and then you just answer these questions about your high school friends and then when you are picked you will receive this Flames notifications in your inbox but they're anonymous um and then you will see this finds notifications you can see all the votes uh that someone voted about you that some girl in 11th grade to some boy in 10th Grade uh told about you so yeah and then you can add yourself to to the polls and that's basically that so it kind of gives you an idea when someone voted for you but you're still not sure 100 and it adds this anonymity to to the app similar to other like anonymous apps like not gonna lie NGL app or send it app yeah so yeah that's basically it what they say here guesses for our friends tell you what they love about you and now they don't they won't dunk on you like other anonymous apps how it works join your school add friends answer polls get Flames when picked so that's basically the idea Super Simple app great idea and yeah it's getting in in popularity so to create an account you just enter your age here um the type get started you need to enable location you need to enable contacts yeah if you're outside of your ass unfortunately this won't work and then you will just get stuck so probably that's also my case but I will just show you the idea and um yeah I'm not sure when this app will be available worldwide so that's basically that um yeah so that's that's what it is you can also give access to your contacts so let's see what happens now uh after that after I did that you just need to select if you are in which grade are you so you can be in nine tens eleven twelves great or finish High School and then you need to pick your school so as you can see there are schools here but they are just there are not that many members yet if you select the school with zero members you can't use the app so if if your school is not supported unfortunately at this moment it's yeah then the app just won't work again but yeah you need to be in the school where you have uh like members so you can see some schools already have members other school don't have members so if I want to create an account and then yeah just in the test also I'm getting this error that's another issue some users report that you can't create an account sorry we only allow mobile phone numbers and yeah that's basically that's my issue at the moment I don't know like it allows International numbers but you can't sign up then you can tap get help and then you can always reach out to their support in case you have any issues um so that's that's basically the idea and then if you successfully signed up um you will be able to to add friends join their polls and receive Anonymous votes similar as it works in other anonymous apps now the the biggest thing right now the last few days that there is this like theory that this app is actually not safe and it's used like by Bad actors for some like bad things like if you're given access to your location or if people start to know your name in the high school some random strangers can join actually this app and cause you some harm you can go to that the kids are beer like Twitter account and I he's just discussing this issue a lot um so we can just uh yeah like you can go and read through it um there is a lot of things like why is that happening but basically what you can also go to that to their their website and they have the whole uh the whole section about like uh is gas up safe or not um so uh so these guys have gas is designed to be a safe place to interact with friends users can only interact through polls and only these people they have accepted as a friend they do not support messaging between users um so that's that um yeah so and also about location first you can always disable your location in settings if you just go to you can disable your location after you signed up just tap never uh because I also written that I was also written that the gas app is using your location just once when you create your account to locate schools which are nearby so that's that and after that actually you don't need any location anymore and the app won't be buggy or anything so that just will be working uh fine without location so if you're yeah if you're concerned about that at least you can do that and even if location is enabled it's still not precise it gives your location in around 20 kilometers radius so just to be sure you can always disable location um so that's basically it um but it's like as I say here this app should be safe uh like and the founder seem to be pretty legitimate and well-known like in Silicon Valley and all of that so yeah I don't know it's always when the app starts to hit like the top number ones in the in the uh App Store usually yeah maybe some competitors or some someone else it's just trying to you know to overwhelm that anyhow this is interesting app is clearly it's in the early stages of development it's not available everywhere I'm sorry I'm not able to show you the full experience right now I I reached out to some Founders to get maybe some test account and to show to you all the experience how the app works I think it's a really great idea recently there were other viral apps in this Niche like NGL also like send it app there are so many Anonymous q a apps but I think this one is a great new thing so that's basically it um so go get it if you are in one of those states which is being supported try it out leave your comments and thank you for watching

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