Gas app - unsupported country - can’t create account..

so when I try to create an account in the gas app it's just basically says some weird scene for example I just want to show you guys it says sorry the app is not uh available in your country if you are using a VPN turn it off and try again so for some reason uh yeah uh it says unsupported country um yeah and then I just can't create an account so yeah I guess that's unfortunate this app is not only not available worldwide but it's only available in selected States in uh in the United States itself so I guess it's not available in Canada or anything but still doesn't even without that it's already in the top charts so you can just go and search and follow their Pages or social media and then uh yes this is the app find your crush uh at the moment it's available in Pennsylvania Illinois Wisconsin Missouri Indiana Ohio Michigan so that's what it is

Select a country:territory from the...
Select a country:territory from the list of valid countries Salesforce Exception
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