GAS APP - what is it? Quick preview & how to use

so here is a quick preview of the gas app which is going viral it's number one app in social networking and yeah unfortunately just uh to be clear I don't have access yet to this app because it's only available in United States in specific uh in specific States in U.S and then you need to have your school accepted you need to be studying in the high school so that's basically the idea uh but uh yeah I'll try to give you some some overview what I've collected on internet and how I understand it works so this app is about uh Anonymous pause for high schoolers so you create an account you can just create an account if you are located in the specific state in United States is not available in Europe or Canada then you join with your school so your school also needs to be in that ad meaning that there are some members and high schoolers who are already in in your school available there if you can find any school I think because they already gathered up from you know from the publicly available list of schools but your school might have zero members then you need to wait until it's officially approved so then you just join with your school and you're in inside the app so what's the point of the app so you get some balls uh some like very report like positive polls like who would you kiss or like Zara smile makes my heart melt and then you just select one of one of your friends in the school and then you just answer these polls as I said that's the the whole concept and then in your inbox you will get Flames so these are just like the the Flames uh which yeah you get when someone picks your name so on one hand you're answering posts about other people anonymously and then you receive Flames when you are picked uh and yeah this app is going uh viral um and it's super easy concept but it's it's really well made by Nikita beer and it's very small team of developers so it's a great Niche great app um yeah so if you open up the app there are still some issues some bugs like uh yeah some people can't create an account or can't join school like for example if I want to join like this is how the process looks like I just create my account I select my grade and then I just want to select any school which I want to join so for example I want to join this school and then I just want to enter phone number get verified and get inside the app uh adding your school lets you add classmates on gas choose the right school so you can find your friends I need to say I I read on their website so that actually quite picky about their privacy so for example if you're creating an account and you join some school and you are not really in that school then uh yeah and you don't have like your contacts are not in that school you might be blocked from that school and stuff like that so in fact this app is carrying a lot about privacy and trying to protect from from a lot of myths which are online which you basically saying that this app is not safe to use I would say maybe it's it's pretty safe at this moment but we will see how it develops so yeah uh that's unfortunately yeah I can't join the app I'm not in high school anymore and then uh so for example yeah we can just go through some articles I picked up here like for example this is how the poll can look like first person you'd call after a breakup and then you just have real names of people who are studying with you in high school um and then you just answer that Paul and that's that and then basically you receive uh if you are picked up you receive a flame you then you just get Flames when picked so that's basically how it works um yeah so that's that um of course then there are a lot of additional features so we can just go through our like support section um so guys app is free um however there are uh there are upgrades as there is a God mode where you can actually reveal who voted for you um it's not on Android it's not on Google Play Store at this moment so in case you are searching for it nope it's not there um is gas up save gas is designed to be a safe place to interact with friends users can only interact through polls and only these people they have accepted as a friend unlike apps like Snapchat or Instagram we don't support messaging between users gas is some available only in some regions um only in the United States there is no like clear timeline when it will be available globally or in whole us so yeah you can just create an account as I just shown then you can add your friends you can add your friends by adding your font contacts then you will see list of friends or friends you can add by school so you'll be suggested some friends who are in your school or you can search for username um so um yeah and then the whole thing is like how do you see who uh who answered the poll about you who like voted for you uh then you need to upgrade uh and like if you see that someone answered up all about you you will see a flame in the inbox so you have like this inbox uh and then in this inbox you will see these flames Flames can be being blue or purple there are different colors and it all has meaning so the flame is pink when a girl picks your blue and a boy picks you and purple one a non-binary person picks you so that's that um then there are also coins coins are earned by entering pulse about your friends coins can be used to put your name in your friends on your crash ball so they can vote on you more to redeem your coins go to your profile and tap shop so then again there is this God mode this is like a paid subscription and the main idea of it is of course to reveal who sent who answered polls about you so you can upgrade to it I don't know the pricing and the this paid subscription is not yet available to everyone they are also just testing out this feature so this is unlimited hints you can see the first letter of someone who voted for you two bonus reveals still the full name of someone who voted for you twice double coins Crush alerts Anonymous mode you can send Paul's hundred percent anonymously so making sure that you can't be revealed Crush alerts and double coins you can earn double coins with Pauline and to reveal who liked you there are these two bonus reveals you can see the full name of someone who wrote it for you twice um yeah if someone already wrote it for you twice you can easily see the full name or you can see the first letter of someone who voted for you so by default you can see gender and I think you can see class and then you can see first name if you upgrade so first letter so that should give you pretty clear idea of water for your like that uh so then to upgrade to this God mode you can just tap the button see who likes you um so that's basically it so you can't find friends you need to enable contacts you can remove friends you can unhide block someone um so our real name required yes this is the uh the guidelines from the app you can always report user you can log out and then if if you like you can delete your account so swipe over to your profile templated profile under account settings tab manage account when you need to activate your account your friends won't be able to fund award on you after 12 24 hours your account will not be recoverable um so that's basically that so how do I join my school uh you need to enable location find uh near uh yeah yeah find the nearby school and also the this app says that they are only using locations to identify schools near you it's not like they're using your location for any other purposes there was there were a lot of Miss on internet like that is not safe to use enable location of the gas app and stuff something like that but and then you just join your school be careful you can only change your school once how do I add your school if your school is not appearing just email at help at gas and include the full name of your school it's city and state and the abbreviation um so yeah then you can also set up some parameter controls um you can find them some guidance on doing that and just Apple website and set it like this so this is just like you know some overusing tips about gas app what can be done here of course the app will be developing a lot during the coming period it will be released to more States and more schools that will be probably some bugs and all of that there was already like uh again like uh viral Hawks on the internet that this app is not safe and you shouldn't use it and all of that just my two coins on that is that uh yeah it's it's been built by well-known like developers and entrepreneurs so I don't know if they will risk their reputation on like creating this like some fake spam app or I wouldn't suggest that they would do that maybe of course there are some like AI bot techniques or some you know maybe there are some Fake Messages however they claim they are not they are not fake messages and stuff like that maybe there are some you know Auto generated content or you know some fake friends or stuff like that I'm not sure of course there can be used some or different growth hacks but yeah this is not some app which is developed by unknown uh no names this is just like very well known like developers and Founders you can find them on Twitter yeah so I would say that you you should be able to trust this app of course um yeah anything can happen but that's that uh hope this quick tutorial was helpful I'm sorry I don't have access yet to the app I'll try to get access either to some test account or some preview mode or something like that would be very fun to try it out myself

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