GAUTHMATH app Camera doesn't work What to do?

hello everyone so here's gauss math so this is like a mass solver app and you just scan the the picture or upload it and then yeah you can solve your mass problems uh but what if the camera doesn't work correctly so camera won't focus or stays blurry just please try to point at the camera and adjust the distance between your problem and the camera the result could have been better so you just try to adjust the distance and try that um the camera stays black it can be software hardware issues uh you can try this restart your phone it could fix some issues remove any third-party camera apps and install any third-party camera applications that you have downloaded your device um there are chances that the app version does not fit the phone system version and all of that so maybe if you're also running snapchat or i don't know like doing screen recording or some like other heavy screen apps it might influence that however i'm not sure you can always reach out for more detailed support at support so hope this click already was helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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