Gauthmath app - how to use? Full overview (Video)

Gauthmath app - how to use? Full overview (Video)

Gauthmath app how to use? Full overview

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How to get free tickets in Gauthmath app?

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hey everyone so here is cosmas app uh which is quite popular right now it's in the top charts in us app store and yeah it's super fast super easy to use that's why a lot of people like it so you can solve math problems and also solve some word problems so it's super helpful app with your homework simply snap a photo of your question and get step-by-step answers instantly uh so freemas problem server so yeah you just download the app and basically you can start with a guest account no need to create an account and i will just show you how it works so for example here is the some numbers let's see how it works and then it just scans and then you just tell which grade you're in and then they have also the concept of the uh the free answer and the tutor so in top right you you see how many tickets you have so each ticket is basically the question for the real tutor and i think every week you got like a five tickets which is yeah the estimate is like five tickets is around like ten dollars uh so then you have all these tips and then you have the solution and then for each step you have just the explanation what happened there and then uh you just say okay does the answer help you and then you can also ask it again but then you will use one ticket or you just say well done and there you have it and there you have it so that's basically how it works so you can upload photos what uh you can use it for word problems i don't know exactly what that is but you can also use flashlight and then there are like tickets uh so your one ticket it means one real tutor answer you will get five tickets every week there are like ticket history if you want to invite someone you can also earn free tickets then there is your account here in the bottom right and i i just created an account with apple id uh so super fast and easy you can do it with google facebook if you are on android or whatever just sign up and again here you can see all your tickets how you can get your free tickets your history ticket history um you can also edit your profile change your username change your grade share app you can see all your qa history you can see pending questions here faq and feedback so something like that you can see all the answers to these questions here then you can see about them um and that's it uh so that's the app super easy to use you can understand it like really in a few minutes it might be seconds that's why probably it's like so popular um so here you can just invite friends uh copy code and here are also other ways to get more free tickets on ghost mass app so share invitation code with your friends who haven't installed it you will get free tickets when someone used your invitation code you can invite up to 10 users every 7 days after 7 days you can invite more friends to get more tickets and social media is a good way to earn free tickets so something like that um i don't know what they mean by earning tickets maybe you can just solve uh problems also answer questions and that will help you to earn tickets in this app so i just don't know that so if i type in white now i will see just this sharing menu and i can just either copy link or share them on message whatsapp telegram discord facebook snapchat and if i tap more it will just open standard sharing my new on ios or android so there you have it that's the idea here that's the app you can also go here so you can see all the examples if your environment is too dark you can turn on the flashlight and you can see all the examples what's the best way to take photo here so you need to picture the whole equation there shouldn't be any angles and uh make sure that the resolution is correct the quality of the image is good and then the app will just do the job so that's cool definitely you can try to use it if you are struggling with mass or some of this like sciences but uh yeah try as well just to understand it not just copy the answers blindly without understanding what's going on so that's that uh that's the app hope you enjoyed this quick preview uh yeah uh please subscribe to this channel i want to reach 100 000 subscribers super ambitious am but i i think it's achievable um so subscribe to this channel like this video visit my website mr hack dot io and you can also join the newsletter there uh why where i can i send some content about cool productivity apps also some crypto and viral social apps so any cool apps if there is some uh cool app there i will just cover it in my blog so go to mr hack dot io and subscribe there jump on the newsletter i also run a podcast where i also just talk about cool apps out there so that can be helpful for you anyways so that's that i hope you're having fun with this app and you're earning some points you're inviting friends and it helps you most importantly to become better at math and all these sciences but again don't try that just to use this app for cheating try to understand what's going on uh why this equation is solved like that so just it's okay to use this app but try to understand every step and then try to solve few equations without that so hope that was helpful thanks a lot

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