gemsouls app - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE?

okay so let's install this app which is called jam souls uh virtual social networking uh these apps this app starts to climb in the in the social networking category in the us app store so let's just use touch id to install it so yeah here you can see like spiritual characters become besties so there is no there are no like really images real pictures uh yeah you can pick your gems create role plays find soul mates so yeah that's interesting so you can meet create and connect with virtual friends jam souls is where virtual becomes real leave your fantasy take a step forward uh mingle with friends coming soon a new way to express yourself coming soon and all of that so that's basically the idea you know yeah because it's part of the meta wars it's part of you know like uh aspiration to be a bit more anonymous like you know if you're using instagram some people like instagram a lot of people think it also like you know is for the for some categories it can't be not quite dramatical but not that uh great like you need to expose your real name like your real profile your images and maybe the future is back exactly where you just can create like an avatar and spend more of your time in the matterhorse i don't know if that's good or bad but maybe the technology will enable that anyway so you can just assign create an account with apple which i always do for me is the fastest way because then you can just you know confirm with your face idea touch id and that's super easy so that's okay what's my preferred name i'll just type andre and then i just want to enter my birthday then i can just enter my pronouns uh do i have referral code next so there you have it that's the process then i got like 25 stars for creating an account um i can add new friends uh there are popular teachers all and all of that uh so then yep i can add someone okay i can allow notifications and then i'm just basically start chatting so maybe this app is basically around like uh just like a chatbot or something so you know there is like a chai board chai app where uh it's just a collection of chai apps you can also select different different topics uh okay i'll just you know just reply with super short messages um and there are a lot of these bots and you need to select a lot of these chats you can see friend requests and then that's my account here um that's some chat and then i can add people and then there are people on waitlist so yeah something around that take part in your virtual friends stories you can decide what your friend will say what happens their day and more by creating a mini story in their voice once yeah their mini story becomes a conversation starter between you and your friend okay so basically you can you can generate your you can contribute to these ai bots and uh yeah just you know make like this is all ai model much better by adding all these stories uh so that's smart you kind of helping this algorithm inside of this app to to be more advanced so that's cool uh then you can read like privacy policy you can refer people refer a friend and join jam souls and you will reward reward it with three stars so use my code y7t b3 so you can share code so just you know when i was created an account previously you would see the field where you can just create a code so then this is my profile i can change my name or bars they pronounce i can add a profile picture i can log out if i want to delete an account i can always i guess just contact support and then just write here that hey i want to delete my account in case you know you are concerned about your data or your chats or anything like that i think there always should be an option to like to have some privacy and be sure that uh your account is deleted just in case um it's good when apps already have that option to delete an account uh in the bottom i actually never like really delete my account so much with ns but it's just like a good tone and from the developers to have that button but anyways then yeah you can add friends here uh just you know there are features uh there are all and there are a lot of these spots you can see some of them are popular some of them are less popular so i think this app is really like a competitor to chai app uh so chai app really went viral [Music] if you search for that i will just show you how exactly so this is the app uh so chai chat with ai bots so you can also check it out you can see it also in the in the top charts so interesting um so yeah uh that's another i seems this is a nice trend uh of these apps like you know sometimes people just want to chat with these ai bots and with avatars instead of real people so that's that uh uh yep i hope overall it's helpful definitely give a try uh definitely try to chat more okay if i go to account i guess the more you chat you know the better train this bot will become and the better your the more funnier the more entertaining the shots will become so you can also see memories what they liked what you liked you can see all the tags you can rename actually this bot uh you can unfriend block or report the bot so um yeah okay so what's that uh it's really interesting the key part to this app is just to see what how high is the quality of these chats uh like if the quality is good then yeah you can spend some time and be really entertained if uh yeah if the quality yeah if the model like ai chatting is not great it will be just uh feeling like you know some low quality product and then you won't be spending so much time here so other than that uh yeah so as you can see here is the chat maybe he will guess but anyways that's the idea i hope you enjoy it um yep uh see in the next video subscribe to my youtube channel check out my podcast and check out my blog thank you for watching

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