so is gemsol app alternative to chai app so here is here's how it looks like basically the idea is pretty similar that you are chatting with the chat bots um so as you can see they're just posting some replies there are a bunch of bots and you can add them there are like different topics like some of the bots are interested in some like language speaking and some of them have like different characters and all of that and then you can just uh try to talk with them and i need to say that like you know that this ai chats have become pretty advanced and sometimes the conversation can really be like pretty natural but sometimes it's it's a must and it doesn't make sense so it just depends uh so let's just see so the chai app recently went like very popular but now this app uh jam souls is also went in the top chart in the us app store so something like that so you can see here is a reply or something like that so um yep um then you have these chat bots like as friends you can add new friends but you need to get the stars so every day you log in probably you'll get some free stars but not sure probably you can uh yeah either you know like chat more and then get stars or when you create your account you get 25 free stars but i don't know how you can upgrade here um yep so that's the app uh jam souls uh go look for it on on app store here's how it's called so yeah and as you can see it's alternative to chai so yep there you have it i hope that is helpful

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