Geneva group chat app - full overview

hello everyone so here is a new app which is rising quite high in the charts in the social networking category so let's just explore this app and see what uh what it is about so the app is called geneva so it's like a city in the switzerland in switzerland group chat voice and video geneva is a group communication app designed for organized ongoing conversations with all your favorite people journal create a home for your group and set up a mix of chat post audio video and broadcast rooms for different topics whether you are aimlessly hanging with best friends keeping your club members on the same page or sharing opinions with peers across the country there is a place for everyone here homes and rooms set up homes for your groups and create rooms inside them for different topics or sub groups chat rooms spot rooms audio rooms dms events calendar gates uh actual accountability so yeah super interesting app so let's just open it up and see how to create an account swipe a new home for your groups and then you just swipe like tinder so then just get started so here is your number so you just can enter not only us so that's good and then i just should enter my code picky username so cool you can add a photo or uh so then you have a few rooms to get started general chatroom poster and video room name your home i can just home and then you just select anyone can discard and join this home private or secret so okay let's just make it public and there you have it that's my home um [Music] here i can just send some messages uh here is my chat which this is basically looks like slack i would say so here is slack and then home is like a discord or like discord server or slack instance or something and then you have chat room a classic full feature chart you can set up your notifications then you have post room then you have video room you can give access to your camera so yeah something like that and then you just connect with the video room and then you can see members and then there are settings you can also easily delete an account and then there are all these notifications privacy you can allow contacts to find your alloy contacts to view your homes so it can be like a open slack where people can just discover all these workspaces so yeah basically home it's like a workspace in slack and or server in discord and then also you can just discard homes through friends you can get your access to your contacts you can create a new home you can select a template club friends creator community local community movement so for example i can just create this home for creators and then here i have intros i have chat ideas and feedback video chat um [Music] and then i can just invite someone but it's just these are the people who are already in this in this home so here you can edit your info edit name description image and color welcome message uh privacy you can always change that disable screenshots gates this is an interesting feature customize how new members join your home set home rules ask a few questions before members join notifications roles and permission and you can just delete home as well and then you can also invite people uh you can just share a link so this will be external people who you can invite you can just then copy link and share it with others you can add through dm add some others people um [Music] so yeah that's the app it's like you know like a clean version of slack or discord um so something like that of course these apps are super popular right now so maybe just you know a bit better a bit like cleaner version may really work out um so that's what you can see here and then there is activity um so that's that's basically it i guess it's cool that i can register still some unique my first name username and okay i'll just add my blog so feel free to visit my blog then i can just save it uh so i can also enable dark mode here's how it looks like in dark mode it's pretty cool right so i'll just go to general i can go to chat room so this is my chat i can tap on it i can see how many replies i can add photos gives calendars and i can just reply and i will create a thread yeah so just something like in slack or in discord so that's the feature i can also of course create a new room and there are like all these types of rooms general chatroom postural video room uh so something like that that's the overview uh yep so that's that's the idea you have settings so you of course you can delete room you can add it info you can see all the room membership my existing room required uh mine we won't be able to leave or set as a welcome room the welcome room is where all new members show up when they join the home so that's basically the idea um so that's how it works there is help center you can always send feedback um yeah so that's the app definitely give it a try i think it's pretty interesting it's a really nice design um yeah if you're especially if you're tired of slack or tired of discord this is a cool app to use and try out thank you for watching

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