Genie - CHAT GPT APP - overview & how it works

here's Genie app chat GPT AI app so you can just tap get on it to to download it and then let's just use Touch ID to install it and I think yeah this is like the app is just using gpt3 API um gpt3 is technology technology of open Ai and then you can just get this their famous chat with uh just with the app of course you can go to like and try GPT chat just on their website uh but here if you like apps more uh you can just do it right in the app so here you have light Pro Advanced where you can upgrade uh so here you can just have questions dialogue um you can also okay you can see these additional apps but yeah if I just want to start the question you can see some examples uh like what are worn homes explained like I'm five right upon about flowers and love uh write a rap song lyrics about how do you say how are you in Korean write a tweet about global warming so so there are so many use cases how you can use it of course like 2210 okay so you can start in your chat and then you can see your chat history also I think maybe you can use like audio messages and send audio messages and do math get recipes write an email uh so something like that and dear hiring manager I am writing in response to your recent job posting for an IT company professional as a software engineer with eight years of experience I am confident my skills and qualifications will help you meet the high standards of excellence that your company is well known for my background includes managing large-scale it projects developing and delivering Enterprise level applications within budget and on time and collaborating with stakeholders in a fast-paced environment through my career I have gained a good understanding of the latest Technologies including cloud computing database Administration network security and mobile development I have also implemented devops processes to streamline project delivery and development Cycles I believe my knowledge experience and passion for technology would make me an ass said to your team I am eager to discuss further how I can contribute to the success of your it organization I look forward to hearing from you about this exciting opportunity sincerely your name so yeah as you can see something like that and uh yeah in this app you can also generate generate art okay probably that's just another app and then there is like AI Avatar maker we're just going viral also but by app Nation so yeah these are kind of the apps which you can try to use with with this app and yeah so something like that uh hope this is helpful try out this app and thank you for watching

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