so in this video we're gonna go through how to create and customize your avatars with genius studio so basically you just need to create your account enter your phone number enter your birthday uh and then here is what your starting avatar is so then you can just select starting avatar and then it probably will just take some time so this app i just discard in the in the app store it basically helps you to create like original customizable avatars um and it's a great app uh yeah you know if like this is all these metawars hype and all of that everyone is getting obsessed with their online digital avatar so this is yeah uh where you can create all these avatars and get like really much more advanced however it takes some time so if you have older phone it will probably continue loading a bit like this so finally something seems moving a bit and here is avatar so then you can just customize your skin color face press it minimize your eyes hair facial facial hair you can customize your jaw lips nose and then there you have it and then you just saving your genie and then you can create also outfit as well here so you can just create tops you can just select different shirts like this and then you can select your gender as well in the top part and then there you have it now it's saving your genie and then and now you can see all the variables and yeah so that's now you can also delete your account if you want um so that's basically how it looks like you can just hang out here um and then you can just tap use your genie and then you can just tap to export render it oops seems it's uh closed so yeah it it takes a lot of resources especially on older phones i guess because my wifi connection is okay so i don't think it's about that and now it's not opening up so here is the original app in the app store in case you want to try it out so yeah anyways i hope you enjoyed the the process seems now it's taken some time to load but hope you got the idea definitely cool app try it on

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