Get your name on 3 random polls in GAS app - guide

so here is gazap and there's a cool feature here if you tap on your profile and you go to coins you can get your name on three random polls so for that you need 100 coins it's not possible to buy coins but you you can just earn them by answering more and more posts about your friends and basically if you have more coins you can just get your name on on more polls and then uh yeah people can vote for you more and you can get more Flames so that's basically the the cool feature also another feature is that you can put your name in your cross poll uh your name or name Secret uh but you will just appear more often in the in the pulse of the person you select in the Gaza app that's another cool feature but you need already like 300 coins that's not not uh too little you will need yeah to answer a lot of balls and remember when you answer Nepal to go to next ball you need to wait like 30 minutes so you have 12 questions you answer the problem you need to add by 30 minutes so something like that so it will take some time

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