Getcontact app - how to create an account?

so let's explore what is get contact app uh it's climbing in the top charts of the us app store and you can see like 22 000 ratings there are already 200 million users that they claim uh you can use chats uh privacy in the hands and to encrypted secure chats there is uh you can get some uh idea of who is calling you spam protection uh avoid uh unwanted calls with a strong spam filter and there is a new contact service called messenger with over 200 million users all over the world canta contact offers a seamless chat experience privacy and security always stay in touch with your friends and family through free and to unencrypted and privacy enhanced chats so that's the app so let's just go through the app and try to create an account so then you can start now then you can just create account with one of these services then you need to verify your phone number you can quick login via whatsapp um now your phone number is verified and there you have it and now you can allow notifications or all of that and then you can sync contact or not and yeah there you have it that's how you create an account um and then this this is how you can do it so to enable spam protection go to settings go to font tab call blocking and identification from the phone menu allow get contact open the gun contact app again so that's how you will get spam protection so yeah this is kind of a cool feature uh and it's available worldwide it's not just in the in the uh in the us or north america so yeah that's the idea hope it is helpful

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