Gettr app - what is it? Overview

On July 4th Gettr app was officially released in the App Store.

It was quietly launched by team Trump, specifically by former adviser - Jason Miller.


There is a big demand for right-wing apps for conservative audience. The most known app was Parler, which started to grow exponentially in 2020 after series of bans on Twitter. Other apps are MeWe network, Rumble (for video content).


Gettr app full overview

Gettr app looks very similar to Twitter. And it has a very simplistic design. There are no advanced features, probably the main hook is that it is an online community for people with right wing views.

You can create posts, reshare, like comment, follow other users. Also - discover content via hashtags. And then edit your profile. That's basically it.

App is available in App Store for iOS or in Google Play Store for Android.

During the launch more than 500K users already signed up for the app. But, it was also hacked during that period. website

There is also a desktop version. You can log in with your credentials and use on your laptop.

Gettr app still has a lot of bugs, and there are issues with creating accounts.

How to create an account in Gettr app?

You can use app in multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese.

How to get verified in Gettr app?

How to delete an account in Gettr app?

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