Ghost Message app - anonymous group chats - what is it? Quick overview

so here's interesting app called ghost message yeah anonymous group chats with friends it's getting in top charts in the uh your sub store for social media so it's kind of interesting to see how it looks like so I think this app kind of combines ideas from uh you know a bunch of trending anonymous apps like NGL or gas app or something like that where you have can have all these anonymous questions but this is just basically a group chat with your friends where you can be anonymous so you can just kind of create a group chat you can add like you know five friends and then you can all enable Anonymous mode uh and then just start chatting and it will just say someone said if you don't have Anonymous mode then it will just be from you and then you just keep chatting nobody knows from who this message is coming from it gives you a lot of freedom kind of to say what you want but then uh it cannot it can be revealed kind of so you can one reveal you can one guess who you can ask girls question um yeah and that's basically the idea so if you want to chat anonymously with your friends in a group chat you can also do that so interesting concept let's see if it develops and then yeah that's basically the idea um there is also chat GPT involved here if you ask a ghost question it will use cha GPD as I understand or maybe it will just appear in the chat I don't understand that completely but yeah I think it was what it says here message anonymously with friends and charge GPT in group chats uh cost questions asked GPD any question right inside the chat with friends okay and then yeah here you have your settings you can also enable ghost mode uh Ghost Protocol if you break some Community guidelines here or some other things it is there are like some strikes or stuff like that and you want to delete your account you can delete your account also you can connect wallet here and you can display your profile pictures nft so yeah that's probably the good idea um just an interesting app you can create all of these group chats and chat with your friends anonymously

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