Ghost Trails NO LONGER AVAILABLE in SnapChat+ - what to do?

If you've been a Snapchat Plus user for a while, you might have noticed that the ghost trails feature is no longer available. So what happened to it? According to a recent announcement by Snapchat, they have rolled out a new feature called live location sharing that made ghost trails redundant. The new feature lets you share your live location with your chosen friends even when you're not using Snapchat. This means that you can let your close friends and family know where you are in real time by temporarily or indefinitely sharing your live location with them. Moreover, your live location is shared with your selected friends even when you're in ghost mode, and you can choose to stop sharing it at any time without notifying your friends. Here's how to use the new feature: 1. Go to your friend's profile on Snapchat. 2. Tap on 'share my location' under the Snap Map section. 3. Choose how long you want to share your live location. 4. To stop sharing, go to your friend's profile again and tap 'stop.' It's as simple as that! You can now stay safe on the go by sharing your live location with your close friends and family. Snapchat Plus users may miss the ghost trails feature, but they can access a better and more advanced feature by enabling the live location sharing feature. In conclusion, as we embrace new features in technology, some old favorites are bound to disappear. However, advancements come with the promise of providing users with better and more enhanced experiences. Snapchatters can now stay connected with friends and family in a more fun and practical way by sharing their live location. So why not give it a try?

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