GhostTube app - quick overview

here's interesting app ghost tube use ghost tube to record evidence during your paranormal investigations so user form built-in magnetometer to detect fluctuation in magnetic energy near your device so yet try to yeah by holding the phone or magnet near your device and sees a magnesium metal react so if I just bring it a bit closer to my laptop I can see here how it's reacting so I'm just bringing it to MacBook yeah kind of cool then there's ghost dictionary it contains a list of commonly used names and words um and then there is visualizer use the voice recorder during your investigation and the visualizer to detect sounds you didn't hear at the time of recording and it's just an example and a one show accurate results until you grant the app permission to access your microphone so words can be triggered by nearly beer Metals electronics and natural filtrations in the Earth's magnetic field so be sure to debunk your evidence we recommend power and evidence with other paranormal too ghost tube apps and parent devices documented historic facts uh you need to Grant it permission to access your camera and microphone and there are also ads so okay let's just give uh ghost tube select sport one specific magnetic signature are detected by your device these four surprises generated didn't necessarily affect the official position views of opinions of the developer this is not instructions a request or anything um so you need to agree to that so yeah you need to disable screen recording to continue so you here you have it you can change like a video layout so you can optimize your feed for Instagram reels or for tick tock and then you can just apply can change language camera on off okay so yeah unfortunately if I'm doing a screen recording it's not uh yeah that's basically how it works at the moment uh but uh yeah so let's just I think you have an idea so that this is the app where if you want to discard some paranormal activities with your iPhone that's an interesting app like to try out um yeah so give it a try

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